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Tipping Trailer
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A regular on building sites all over the UK and Europe, the Ifor Williams tipping trailer is the builder’s perfect partner, renowned for its strength, versatility and unbeatable value. Over the past two and a half years we have developed and tested the next generation tipper, which contains a number of improved features and accessories that our customers have been asking for. 


While the tipper names have changed (the TT85, TT105 and TT126 have become the TT2515, TT3017 and TT3621), the new trailers are the metric equivalent and offer the same volumetric capacity. 


The TT2515 (8’ x 5’), the smallest of the range, has a maximum gross weight of 2700kg with the option of a manual or electric hydraulic pump (and self contained 12v battery). The trailer comes with a strengthened aluminium floor as standard. The two larger models, the TT3017 (10’ x 5’6”) and TT3621 (12’ x 6’6”) are electrically operated tippers with a self contained 12v battery.

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